Monday, November 28, 2005

Loveland Pass goodness!

Last Saturday afternoon after hearing the winter storm advisory issued for the Northern and Central Rockies, calling for 6 to 12 inches of snow; I headed over to Stoermer’s house to tune and wax the snowboard for the powder day that awaited us Sunday! We drank Flying Dog’s “Snake Dog IPA” (one of my favorite beers), used bluebird snowboard wax on the boards, talked about the possible avalanche conditions, and got all charged up to be on Loveland pass by 6:30am the next morning.
We broke early and I headed up to my house to await the dump. I would try and get some ZZZ’s for the next day, but I could sleep that night…I was too charged up! I woke up every two hours ready to get to the pass. All I could think was Powder day!
The next morning after waking up at 4:00am and leaving the house by 5:00 am, I was disappointed to learn that the storm had not delivered the kind of accumulations that had been predicted. Only about 5 inches fell over night. Which was a little disappointing but good enough for me!
Here I am loving life Sunday morning on the pass about 7:00am. This is run number 4, the resorts won’t be open for another 90mins and I'm already breaking a sweat. We caught rides back up the pass from the patrons of the Basin(another favorite). What a day..and it is only November!!


  1. dude. radically blog entry. that was a great day. can't wait til next time. just wait til a 12+" day at the pass. KICK ASS job on the action photos.. really nice shots. next weekend its on!

  2. Killer photos Alex... KILLER. I have to limit the number of times I visit you and JP or I'll never get any work done or sleep for that matter! Keep it goin.