Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Bronco Sunday

-Casey -Ang -Kyle -Me
Last Sunday our beloved Denver Broncos (now 4-1) took on the then undefeated Washington Redskins (now 3-1). There was perfect football weather for the prepared sports fan...But I saw many folks freezing their asses off! Winter is here?
With temperatures around freezing and rain mixed with snow throughout the day the Broncos showed up to play. After a great first half, a moderate third quarter and a nail biting fourth quarter the Broncos ended up defending the Skins 21-19.

Thank you Wolf Family for the Tickets!

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  1. Solid. 8-2 is looking pretty good right now, as is Jake. Who the hell is this guy and what happened to the old Jake? I am waiting for at least one behind the back or left handed pass.