Monday, May 30, 2005

Joe's Rig

Yesterday Arapahoe Basin hosted the fourth annual Summit County Festival of Brew Pubs. Unfortunately the weather was not particularly good for Brew Festin, it was cold and wet. Throughout the day snow mixed with rain fell and only the hearty lasted for the festival (noon to 4:00pm). In fact I could not find a single picture from that day to blog that didn’t look absolutely miserable. So I picked this one.
This picture was taken the afternoon before the brew festival. We camped by this guy Joe who is a carpenter from Erie, Co., a Colorado native and a member of the High Country Crawlers, a 4X4 rock crawling club. His custom Van dwarfs the stock wrangler in the background. It was pretty sweet and got at least a laugh from everybody who saw it. Guys were more impressed with his rig than the ladies…go figure.

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