Friday, March 23, 2007

Spring Time in the Rockies!

Morning tea.
Gnarles and I spent the day sledding above tree line looking for the fading remains of winter. The snows melting fast! Over slushy, muddy trails, snowfields, and glaciers we eventually get to an altitude that can still retain snow, just above 12,000ft near Jones Pass. We call the snow pack up here “Hero” snow. It is the result of spring time temperatures during the day and a refreeze during the night. It sets up nice once warmed by the heat of day time sun shine. Some call this “spring corn”. It is usually stable and nicely packed making sledding a blast especially for backcountry touring and riding. In the morning hours however it is concrete, still frozen solid from the evening temps. It is unforgiving and harsh to ski or ride. The sleds (600 lbs) don't even sink into it.
So we stop for a hot beverage and I snap a few pictures waiting for a little soul shine.

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