Sunday, April 09, 2006


Creek, Colorado

Last weekend I spent in South Fork Colorado. They call the town “South Fork” because it is located on the south fork of the Rio Grande. The Rio Grande Basin contains 7,700 square miles as it stretches out of the San Juan Mountains. The river is the fifth longest in North America and the 20th longest in the world. It eventually forms the entire border between Texas and Mexico. Feeding this grand river is an unbelievable mountain range, the San Juan’s. Hundreds of its peaks rise above 13,000 feet and many surpass 14,000.
The range is home to a small locally owned ski resort named Wolf Creek. This area is packed with expert terrain and receives the most snowfall of all the resorts in Colorado, almost 40 feet a year! The resort concluded the 05-06 season a couple weeks ago. The lifts were closed and the area started to prepare for the summer months. Then it started to snow. Over last week Wolf Creek got hammered by spring storms, which dropped an additional 18 inches of snow in the area. The decision to reopen for a weekend was made late in the week and (best part) lift tickets for this special event would be half price ($23). So I go.

We had perfect weather, untracked, expert runs with spring corn to slide on.
Made for an awesome day!

Terrain percentages.
Beginner 20%
Intermediate 35%
Advanced 25%
Expert 20%
Longest Run Navajo Trail - 2 miles
Annual Snowfall: 465 inches
Skiable Acres 1,600 Vertical Drop 1,604 feet Base Elevation


  1. Anonymous8:20 PM

    You jerk!! After all that we shared I still don't get featured on your blog! What exactly does a girl have to do?? I hate you....

    "The Stranger"

  2. Keep digging that hole Mo... at this rate D will be featured first.

  3. Wolf is one of my favorite resorts.